After announcing the candidacy, Donald Trump had made a remark with indication on repealing and replacing the Obamacare with something quite terrific, which obviously is a healthcare reform that can make America great again. The 7-point alternative plan, like other reforms have both advantages and disadvantages.

The most important aspects of the alternate plans include –

The options of health insurance will be easily accessible and easily affordable.

The coverage for any short-term health plans with limited duration has been extended in the newly proposed rule from ninety days to 364 days without complying with the costly rules of Obamacare.

The health plans now allow more self-employed and small business owners in buying insurance.

Alternatives Found So Far

The website had faced quite a number of glitches since its launch a few years back and hence, the alternative ways have come up especially for those who were ineligible for the financial helps. With the increasing Opioid-related deaths making to the news, the alternatives were imminent. Learn more about Opioid-related deaths in Pennsylvania.

State-Run Exchanges

States like Connecticut, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, New York, Washington and Massachusetts have their own exchanges

State Medicaid Offices

those with low income can clear eligibility criteria and opt for the insurance program

Companies Providing Health Insurance

review plans of various insurance companies and compare their prices

Telephone And Paper Exchanges

Verify whether you are qualified, complete application procedure and submit

In-Person Assistance And Navigators

Financial assistance offered free of cost regarding insurance options

Insurance Brokers And Agents

(Online And Offline) –Both local agents and online brokers are there to help you out in any insurance related query

While adhering to mostly the free-market principles, the alternatives fails to address certain vital points like anti-market proposals made towards the prescription drugs. As Trump comments, no U.S citizen would need to get insurance unless required and there will be no restrictions regarding interstate sale of the health insurance.