Healthcare support for regular lifestyle is one of the biggest concerns faced by any individual. At the same time, you also need to be well abreast of the regular updates and changes made to the healthcare bills, services and laws. Our website has been created to address those changes in healthcare services which can prove to be helpful in the long run as you opt for any insurance or services.

Initiative #1 – Thickumz


Thickumz features fit women promoting healthy lifestyle and some serious curves at the same time. With slim waists and big behinds they are showing that healthy and sexy actually do go in pairs!

Alternative To Obamacare In The State

After announcing the candidacy, Donald Trump had made a remark with indication on repealing and replacing the Obamacare with something quite terrific…

PhyMed Healthcare Group Adds A Third Anesthesia Practice In Pennsylvania

As a healthcare group owned and led by physicians, the PhyMed Group seeks to offer anesthesia services and as a matter of fact…

How Popular Is Telemedicine In Pennsylvania?

n this growing age of technology, accessibility of almost everything while sitting at your home has become quite a simple thing.

Thirty-Five Percent Of Obesity Cases Found In Seven States

Obesity or deposition of fat under the skin or internal organs have been quite an epidemic-like issue that the people of U.S…

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