About Us

Healthcare support for regular lifestyle is one of the biggest concerns faced by any individual. At the same time, you also need to be well abreast of the regular updates and changes made to the healthcare bills, services and laws. Our website www.lewistownhospital.org has been created to address those changes in healthcare services which can prove to be helpful in the long run as you opt for any insurance or services.

In your daily life with a whirlwind routine, having a thorough knowledge of the healthcare services at different medical centers, knowing about different issues related to medical science and the necessary changes made to various policies become somewhat problematic. To gain firsthand knowledge and clearing any doubts you have, our website is here to help you. We know that having necessary healthcare or medical attention can be important at any time –at those critical times when each moment counts, we make sure that you can get in touch with the local medical centers through their helpline.

What We Do?

At Lewis Town Hospital, our team is made up of people from all walks of life and regardless of our varied age, we seek to provide help –both direct and indirect to anyone in need. The members from medical support working in various medical centers throughout the Pennsylvania state are available for necessary medical attention and guidance for the audience. We have a brilliant research team who knows how to dig up and search for the latest medical news thoroughly so that we can bring you the vital information including the changes made by the government for the social welfare. The articles that you will find here are perfectly researched to make sure that you get what you seek.

What We Believe?

Our belief lies solely on what we know and have insight of. We know that healthcare is the most important aspect for a healthy lifestyle and for that you need to be well aware of the services that you can avail according to your requirements. We believe that unless you have access to the necessary treatment facilities and medical insurances, during emergencies you might face serious problems. Hence, our website contains articles regarding various medical scenarios, statistical reports, changes made in recent by the Trump government and anything that might prove to be helpful.

Our Vision

Our vision for the healthcare-based website is that it is successful in making the individual visitors of the website feel interested towards necessary medical services while also being aware of the health hazards caused by certain drugs and intoxications. Our vision is to see the state as a state consisting of healthy inhabitants. At the same time, we strive to address each topic related to healthcare and medical science, so that the inhabitants never miss out anything important. Since the starting, we have been lucky to find more and more volunteers from the community –including the college students, aged persons and those working in medical sectors. Our vision is to take forward this tradition. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote healthy habits and medical insurances that ensure that each individual gets proper medical attention and that too at affordable cost in long term basis. Our community-based initiatives range from immunization, diagnosis, nutrition and treatment programs for different health issues. At XYZ we seek to reach out to wider audience in the state so that none is deprived of the necessary medical services. We have regular tie-up programs with the state hospitals and our mission is to encourage more and more volunteering medical professionals in our initiatives. Our mission does not discriminate among caste, race, age or community because our team is made up of people from different race and community.

Our Objectives In Future

From infants to school-goers, from workers to high-profile job-holders –our objective of introducing new medical services to the state inhabitants means no discrimination. Our website promotes education, outreach, treatment and prevention services from different health issues within the communities and we plan on continuing this in future. With our widespread network, we would make sure you get both in-patient as well as out-patient services including ambulatory facility, surgical facility, medication, consultation and other necessary services even during the wee hours.