Visitor Policy

Visitors and Family

While Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital believes that visitors and family members play an important role in the welfare of our patients, we also recognize that it is essential to promote the health, safety and privacy of our patients and our community. Each patient has the right to visitors of their choosing. The hospital may restrict visitation for justified clinical reasons. When visitation is restricted, the hospital will explain the reasons for any restrictions. Visitation privileges are not restricted based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.


  • No more than two visitors per patient at any time.
  • No children under the age of 13, with the exception of The Family Place and Pediatrics.
  • No visitors with colds, sore throats or contagious diseases.
  • Visitors will be asked to leave the room during tests and treatments for either patient in a semi-private room.
  • No visitors allowed in the Hospital after 8pm, with the exception
    of the Emergency Department, The Family Place, and in special

Quite Please
Please hlep us keep noise to a minimum so our patients get the rest and recuperation they need.

Cell Phones, Radio Frequency, and Transmitting Devices
We ask that you do not use these devices in patient care areas, as
their use could interfere with medical devices. Use of these devices is
permitted in lobbies and waiting rooms. Please look for signage
throughout the Hospital for a safe location.

Visiting Hours by Unit
The times that visitors may see patients are as follows:

Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU-4B)
Oncology/Orthopedic (5A)
The Family Place (6A) (Fathers may visit at any time)
11am to 8pm

Pediatrics/Surgical (3B)
11am to 8pm

  • Parents, guardians and grandparents only.
  • Ask for special sibling visits for pediatric patients.
  • Patients over the age of 13 may follow regular visiting guidelines.

Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU - 4A)
10:30am to 8pm

  • Two visitors per patient at one time.

Behavioral Health (7A)
1pm - 1:30pm and 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Emergency Department
No specified hours.