Central Registration Hours:

6 am - 9 pm Monday - Friday
7 am - 3 pm Saturday, Sunday and holidays


Patients are encouraged to utilize our pre-registration process by calling the number listed below when seeking outpatient services. Having your personal information updated, prior to coming to the hospital, will reduce the wait time in our outpatient departments when you arrive for your testing or procedure.

Call for Pre-Registration are 6am - 7pm, Monday - Friday.
(717) 242- 7326 or 1-800-248-0505 extension 7326.

If lines are busy, a representative will take your call in the order that it was received.

Helpful hints for a smooth registration:

  1. Bring or have available your doctor's order which specifies the departments to be visited. Please note the doctor's orders must be dated, be signed by the doctor, and must indicate your diagnosis (reason for your testing/treatment).
  2. Bring or have available your insurance cards.
  3. If you are a member of an HMO, bring your referral form or precertification number. Pre-certification is often required by your HMO. Please contact your primary care physician or HMO about its requirements for pre-certification.