Medical Records

Who owns your health record? 

Under PA Law, "the health care provider" owns the medical record. That is why it is the provider's responsibility to establish and implement security measures that safeguard both the medical record and its content. Law protects the privacy or confidentiality of your health record.

How do you obtain copies of your health record?

Contact you doctor or health information management department at the hospital where you received your treatment.

The doctor's office or hospital may charge a fee for locating and copying your record. The fees are regulated by the state of PA. If you need copies of your record for continued care, Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital does not charge a fee for this service.

You can save money by asking for recent information rather than the entire chart or requesting specific documents within your record such as discharge summary, medication list, allergies, immunization record, most recent history and physical, consultations, operative reports, and pathology reports

Once you have obtained copies of your health record, you may have questions about its content. Direct specific questions about your medical care and treatment to your doctor.

Statement of Patient's Rights

You have the right to have all records pertaining to your medical care treated as confidential except as otherwise provided by law or third-party contractual agreement..

The Hospital shall provide to you, upon request, access to all information contained in your medical records, unless the attending physician restricts access for medical records or is prohibited by law.

How long are patient records kept? 

Under PA State Law, the minimum requirement for adult patient's health record is seven (7) years following discharge. If patient is a minor, the records must be kept on file until patient reaches age of majority (18 years old) and then for an additional seven (7) years.

Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital currently maintains adult inpatient and outpatient health records for 10 years.

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