Registration & Pre-Admission

Registration and the Pre-Admission testing (PAT) are also located in the Surgical Center. This allows surgical patients to take care of all preoperative testing, insurance matters, and receive education regarding their procedure in a most convenient manner.  

Prior to your scheduled surgery, you will visit the Registration/Pre-admission testing area of the Hospital located in the Surgical Center on the 4th floor. This area is where we will obtain information from you regarding your insurance, special transportation issues and/or requests you may have for the day of surgery. You will also be interviewed by an RN in the Pre-Admission testing area where you will answer questions regarding your medical and surgical history, current medications, any adverse reactions you may have had in the past to drugs and/or anesthesia, and any family history that may need to be addressed with the Anesthesiologist.

This is the time when you should have a current list of all medications you are taking.  If you do not have a current medication list, you should bring all your medication bottles with you so we can initiate a current list of your medications. This list should always be with you and given to all health care providers to update for you. After the information you give to the nurse is reviewed, she will give you a written instruction sheet as to what you are to do regarding your diet and medications for your scheduled procedure. This information will also be shared with the Anesthesiologist who may order further tests or request medical clearance before your scheduled procedure can be done.

The day you come to Registration/Pre-admission testing you will have blood drawn in the lab drawing station, a chest X-ray, and EKG as indicated.  Depending on the procedure scheduled by your physician, you may need to have a Type and Crossmatch drawn for your upcoming surgery. The registration desk will give you a time to return to have this blood work completed before your procedure day. The Lab Technician will explain at this time what you must do with the Blood Transfusion bracelet. This bracelet is pink in color and must be with you the day of your surgery. This is so we can be prepared in the OR to transfuse blood if needed prior, during, or following the procedure. The evening before your scheduled surgery, the Registration staff will call you on the phone to give the time you are to report for your surgery. 

If for any reason you need to cancel your surgery, you should call (717) 242-7321.

We want to make your time with us is as informative and safe as possible. We are here to serve you and answer all your questions anytime before the procedure, and hope your experience with us is a positive one.