Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) condition usually appears in otherwise healthy individuals. When falling asleep, or even when awake, people experience uncomfortable, tingling sensations in their legs and feel a need to constantly stretch or move their legs. Many times people have a difficult time describing the feeling in their legs. This can lead to trouble falling asleep and sleepiness during the day. This is more common in older people, but can occur at any age and with either men or women. Sometimes pregnant women experience RLS.

What causes RLS?

About 30% of the cases appear to be genetically linked. However, 70% of the cases there is no known cause. Some symptoms related to RLS are: iron deficiency, anemia, and poor blood circulation in the legs, kidney disorders, alcoholism and some vitamin deficiencies.


Proper diagnosis and treatment may relieve the RLS if caused by such things as anemia or an iron deficiency. However, some people even when the other conditions are treated still suffer from RLS.  These patients many times may require a prescription medication for treatment.