Other Disorders

Sleep Walking

The person may wonder around the house quietly without bumping into things.  The person may speak.  Injury is unusual while sleepwalking. An episode may last 5-15 minutes.

Sleep Terrors

Usually occur in childhood, when a child suddenly has a blood-curdling scream out of non-REM sleep. The person experiencing the event does not usually remember these events. Each event may last up to 5 minutes. Usually this is more upsetting for the person watching the event.  These usually occur in the early half of the night.


Scary dreams that may awaken the person out of the dream state. Occur during the dream state of sleep (REM) and usually occur during the second half of the night. The person can usually remember these in extreme detail.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Behaviour Disorders

Normally during the dream state (REM) the body is atonic (without muscle tone) or essentially paralyzed. During a REM behavior disorder, the person retains muscle tone and may act out the dream in some manner. They may break things, walk or bump into things and may injure themselves and/or others.