After Delivery

At The Family Place, families are made comfortable in the mother's room following the baby's birth. Your baby may stay in your room with you after delivery if you desire. If your baby is having problems that require full-time nursery staff attention, your child will be in the nursery.

When you and your baby are ready, you can care for your baby as much as you want. Your baby can return to the nursery whenever you wish. Our nursing staff will be available to support you in this very important life process. We encourage your active participation with your baby's care and respect your desire to be together.

Throughout your stay at The Family Place, we will assist you and your family in learning to know and care for your new infant. We will also frequently monitor the physical condition of both you and your newborn. Please feel free to ask questions, request assistance, or express your wishes that your baby be with you or be returned to the nursery.

Sleep chairs are available should your birth partner wish to stay overnight with you. Feeding your baby on demand is encouraged whether you choose to breast or formula feed.