Pharmacy Inpatient

The Pharmacy Department at Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital is an active member of the health care team. Its central responsibility is medication purchasing, control, distribution and proper storage within the facility. Maintaining compliance with state, federal, and professionals standards, including controlled substance and regulated alcohol, are an essential part of its role. Helping to establish medication standards, evaluating new drugs, drug usage, and creating policies and procedures governing medications are also a critical part of this responsibility. As with commercially marketed drug products, those produced by the Pharmacy will be accurate in identity, strength, purity and quality. 

More important, the Pharmacy Department serves as a medication management and clinical department participating as a patient advocate to maximize rational drug use and patient safety. In this role, the pharmacy assures quality pharmaceutical care is provided to improve patient quality of life. 

On-site Pharmacy Service Hours:
Monday through Friday, 7am - 9pm 
Saturday and Sunday, 8am - 6pm 

Telepharmacy Services (Cardinal Health Rx e-source):
Monday through Thursday, 9pm - 7am 
Friday from 9pm - 8am ; Saturday 6pm - 8am; Sunday 6pm - 7 am 

A pharmacist is available on-call 7 days a week when the Pharmacy is closed. If you would like to speak directly to a pharmacist, please ask your physician or nurse.