Oncology Unit (5A)

Our physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers are compassionate and committed to providing quality care for patients. Care is individualized and delivered as a team approach in collaboration with the patient, family and other healthcare providers; and is sensitive to and respectful of the patient's and family's cultural diversity and lifestyle choices.

Our team is skilled in identifying and treating the health and teaching needs of the patient with a medical condition or has undergone a surgical procedure; specializing in the care of oncology (cancer) and hematology (blood).

Our registered nurses receive specialized education related to Chemotherapy and Biotherapy, provided by the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS). The staff provide quality care to the patient(s) who may have a cancer related diagnosis. The cancer patient may present with a solid tumor, malignancy or blood dyscrasia (abnormality) requiring chemotherapy, radiation therapy, blood transfusions, pain management, palliative care and/or other interventions.

Visiting Hours

11am to 8pm

Oncology Unit (5A)
Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital
400 Highland Avenue Fourth Floor
Lewistown, PA  17044

(717) 242-7538