Quick ER Care

Emergency rooms all across the country are experiencing the same symptoms: overuse leading to long wait times. The diagnosis is simple - people who cannot get in to see a primary care doctor come to the ER for treatment. Because patients who need emergency care (life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks, severe asthma, stroke, etc.) are prioritized in the emergency room, patients who are sick, but not in danger, have to wait until the severe cases are handled.

Quick ER Care is a service that provides separate resources for non-emergency cases in the ER. These resources include three additional patient examination rooms and staff dedicated to handling these cases. These additional resources provide another path for patients to be treated.

People who normally have to wait for long periods of time in the ER, are usually not the severe cases. Quick ER Care reduces the wait time for patients who come to the ER because they can't get an appointment or don't have an established physician relationship.

Quick ER Care is available at Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital 7 days a week from 10:00am - 8:00pm. Quick ER Care has a full-time physician assistant and registered nurse who provides medical screening and treatment for patients who have less urgent conditions such as potential fractures, sprains, mild rashes and low grade fevers. Before being admitted to Quick ER Care, all patients will be triaged and assessed by a registered nurse to ensure that they are candidates for quick care.