CHF Nurse Navigator

What is a CHF Nurse Navigator?

Julie Maidens, RN, BSN, CHF Nurse Navigator

The Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) nurse navigator works with a multidisciplinary team to assist in providing care to CHF patients. CHF is a difficult condition to manage and it can be complicated by many other accompanying conditions. Many patients with CHF find themselves frequently readmitted to the hospital with heart failure symptoms. The nurse navigator provides education and support for the patient while they are in the hospital and then follows the patient after discharge to provide support for self management of heart failure at home.  Also important is determining the goal of the patient and any barriers in reaching that goal. As well, the nurse navigator collaborates with nursing homes, physician offices, and home nursing agencies to ease the transition home from the hospital. After discharge, the nurse navigator calls the patient to answer any questions they may still have, and to monitor how the patient is managing their heart failure.  Along with education, the nurse navigator provides support to patient and family members.

How does the Nurse Navigator ease the concerns of the patient?

The nurse navigator is a contact for any questions or concerns the patient may have. Follow up phone calls to the home can also ease patient concerns. The nurse navigator can provide information regarding their condition, as well as testing and medications. Hearing that one has heart failure can be frightening, but realizing that one can live a full life with heart failure is reassuring. The nurse navigator provides information and support for making the necessary lifestyle changes needed to successfully manage heart failure. 

For more information, call the Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital CHF Nurse Navigator at (717) 242-7486.