Medical Oncology

Chemotherapy is administered in both the inpatient and IV clinic settings. The Outpatient IV Clinic is located on the second floor.  A wide range of cancer-fighting drugs and supportive therapies such as blood products and antibiotics are available. Typically, chemotherapy treatments are scheduled in cycles and are directed by a medical oncologist and administered by nurses with specialized training.

Medical oncologists are physicians who specialize in the assessment and management of patients with cancer. They are trained to use drug therapy in the treatment of cancer and to administer these therapies to patients whose cancer has potentially been cured by surgery, but may require further drug therapy to improve their survival.

Chemotherapy, Hormonal Thereapy, and Immunotherapy can also be used to stop the progression of cancer and to control symptoms. Medical Oncologists are often the physician who will oversee the care of the patient from the beginning of their cancer diagnosis, throughout treatment and in follow up care.