Osteoporosis is a painful and crippling disease affecting both men and women that occurs when bone loss is so severe it causes bones to become porous, brittle and likely to break.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation has identified osteoporosis and low bone mass (osteopenia) as a major public health threat for approx. 44 million total people of the U.S population aged 50 and older. We start to lose bone mass around age 35-40.

Risk factors for osteoporosis can include the following:  cigarette smoking, loss of more than 1 inch of height in a one year period, low body weight (less than 127 pounds), estrogen deficiency, low calcium intake (lifelong), early menopause, low physical activity, and personal history of fractures as an adult.

For more information about osteporosis, vist the National Osteoporosis Foundation website.