For New Patients

Welcome to Geisinger-Family Health Associates

Thank you for recently scheduling an appointment as a new patient with our organization. Geisinger-Family Health Associates is a multi-specialty group practice that is committed to providing all of our patients with excellent healthcare utilizing the latest technology. We have been using an Electronic Health Record since 2008 which allows us to quickly access and track your health information in a secure way.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

  • Our receptionists will check you in and gather all of your demographic and insurance information.
  • One of your nurses will then call you back and take your height, weight, blood pressure and any other vitals that may be necessary for your visit.
  • That same nurse will enter all your current prescriptions, vitamins and allergies for your provider to review with you. Your nurse will also review things like your family’s health history, your social history (tobacco use, etc.), and your personal history of illness, surgeries, etc.
  • Your healthcare provider will then meet with you to review your health history and any current health issues that you may be having. The provider will then conduct the necessary examination to determine how to best treat or prevent any health issues.
  • After meeting with your provider, you will be directed to the check-out area where one of our friendly receptionists will schedule any tests or appointments to see another specialist. At each visit, you will be given a “Clinical Visit Summary” which is a recap of that day’s visit along with a summary of your provider’s recommendations.

First Visit Instructions

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early so that we can gather and record your demographic and medical information.
  • Please bring a list of all of your medications including vitamins/supplements, along with any allergies so that they can be reviewed by our healthcare team.
  • Please bring your insurance card with you to every appointment so that we can insure that we bill your insurance properly. All copays are due at the time of service.

To Cancel Your Appointment

We have set aside specific time to see you on your appointment date. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, we require that you give us at least 24 hour notice to cancel or change your appointment time. We reserve the right not to reschedule your appointment when no cancellation notice is given.

Online Access to Your Healthcare Records

If you have an active email account and access to a computer, we encourage you to take advantage of our patient portal. With the patient portal, you can request and cancel medical appointments, request medication refills, send a message to your provider, and send a message to the Billing Department. You will have access to your lab/test results, your current medication/allergy list, and upcoming appointments. You can also update demographic information (address, phone number, insurance, etc) online without calling the office.   

Access for Sick Appointments

Geisinger-Family Health Associates offers same day sick appointments everyday of the week for your convenience. We strive to have no sick patient go for more than 24 hours without being seen by one of our providers.

We are Right Here, Right for You.

Thank you for the time you’ve taken to read this information. We are very grateful that you have chosen Geisinger-Family Health Associates for your healthcare needs. We are committed to providing you with excellent healthcare along with exceeding your expectations at each and every visit.