Paid Time Benefits

Non-Bargaining and United Steel Workers Bargaining Employees

Paid Time Off (PTO) and Ctastrophic Account (CAT): 
The Foundation provides a Paid Time Off (PTO) benefit for eligible non-bargaining and United Steel Workers bargaining full time and part time employees to allow a flexible bank of hours for vacation, holidays, personal needs, and short illness.  Accrual of these benefits begins upon employment.  Full time employees receive 23 days for less than 6 years; 28 days after 6 years; and 33 days for 12 or more years of service.  Exempt employees have immediate access to PTO; non-exempt employees have access after successful completion of a 3-month probationary period.  RNs, Medical Technologists, Respiratory Therapists receive 28 days upon hire, then 33 days after 6 years.  Part time employees receive prorated PTO hours based on their hours paid.  Cash payout of up to 8 days per year in lieu of taking time off is available.

The Catastrophic Account (CAT) component of the program for non-bargaining and United Steel Workers bargaining employees provides a paid time benefit for longer periods of illnesses.  Employees are eligible to access the CAT benefit after successful completion of a probationary period of three months.  Maximum accrual is 60 days.  Accrual for full time non-bargaining employees is 9 days per year.  Part time employees accrue on a prorated basis.

SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania Bargaining Employees

SEIU Employees receive two weeks per year, three weeks after six years, and 4 weeks after 12 years for full-time employees; part-time eimployees are on a pro-rated basis.  Bargaining full and part-time employees may use vacation after six months of continuous employment.

For SEIU employees there are eight paid Holidays per year for full-time employees; part-time employees have pro-rated Holidays.  Full time and part-time employees are eligible for holidays upon successful completion of the probationary period.

Personal Days:
SEIU employees receive one personal day each calendar year.  Eligibility for this benefit occurs after successful completion of the probationary period.

Sick Leave:
SEIU full-time employees accrue twelve (12) paid sick days per year up to a maximum accrual of 60 days.  Accrued days are pro-rated for part-time employees.  Sick leave may be used after successful completion of the probationary period.

Eligible Non-Bargaining and Bargaining Employees

Up to four days from the date of death to the day after the funeral is allowed for specific family members.  Both full-time and part-time employees are eligible for this benefit.

Jury/Witness Duty:
A full-time or part-time employee is eligible to receive pay for the period of jury/witness duty which causes the employee to lose regularly scheduled work.

U.S. Military Reserve/National Guard:
An employee is reimbursed the difference between the military pay for a two-week period and the employee's regular pay for scheduled hours during the same two-week period, when the military pay is lower.