Corporate Compliance

A Message from the Corporate Compliance Officer

Sue Reinke, VP of Human Resources

Welcome to Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital's web page for Corporate Compliance. My name is Sue Reinke, and I am the Corporate Compliance Officer. 

Everyone has a role in making health care safe in our hospital - physicians, nurses, technicians, administrators, directors, support staff, and volunteers.  Corporate Compliance is a mechanism to ensure compliance with laws and regulations that are outlined by the Federal Government. A primary focus is to prevent any fraudulent or abusive practices. Corporate Compliance is important. Our patients need to know we continuously strive to provide what is medically, legally, and ethically correct to the best of our ability. Failure to do so will erode our patients' trust in us.  Patients have "RIGHTS," including decisions involving the direction of their healthcare. These are outlined in the "Patient Bill of Rights" and are posted throughout the facility. Violations may have significant financial implication to the Hospital.

Recognizing a Violation:

  • Duplicate billing.
  • Charging for one service while delivering another.
  • Billing for a service not rendered.
  • Medically unnecessary procedures.
  • Test orders not ordered by attending physicians.
  • The misuse of standardized coding to receive higher payment.
  • Inappropriate or insufficient discharge planning.
  • Unbundling of charges in order to receive higher payments.
  • No documentation of care.
  • Documentation not accompanying test order
  • Denying Patients Freedom of Choice.

Reporting a Violation:

If you recognize any of the above, please report it to me by phone (717) 242-7204 or email Or you can anonymously call the Corporate Compliance Hotline at (717) 242-7108.The Hotline is an unanswered, recorded telephone line dedicated for the anonymous reporting of potential Corporate Compliance issues.

For more information, please download our Corporate Compliance Flyer